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Midwest rapper Danté Wolfe was known as the MC in the back of the class with something to prove. Years before the St. Louis born and raised MC made his solo debut, he started as a part of local group, MME. Performing alongside Mvstermind, RA Child, Con, Lyrique and Ciej the collective released several singles and music videos earning them serious acclaim in their budding music scene. Together they executed two independent tours clocking over 20,000 miles as well as performing at festivals such as A3C, SXSW, and Brooklyn’s MCA Day. This was the

steel upon which Wolfe began to sharpen his blade, as the collective also opened up for artists such as Travis Scott,

Chance the Rapper and Curren$y.

As a solo act Wolfe has been recognized by several publications surrounding his hometown. Among those is being named as one of Riverfront Times’ Artists Posed to Break Out, and features in STL Today, The Blender, and DELUX Magazine’s "Who Got Next" sections.


As a collective MME was always renowned for their sonic masterpieces and crisp visuals. But it was when the group took matters into their own hands and began planning for their first tour that they became a whole new DIY powerhouse. 

The experience from touring was priceless as it taught the collective why its called show "business". The group created a roadmap of cities, contacted venues, and set up travel arrangements. They also used their newly released merchandise to help fund their travels. Along with social media to effectively promote and raise funds to extend the tour.

Notable Acts the group has performed with include: 


Wolfe’s first solo release, The God Complex, was released in January of 2016 and debuted the rapper at number 35 on the CMJ weekly chart of the 40 most played Hip Hop artists at college radio.

In November 2016, Wolfe debuted his second release, Carlton Ave. “Temp Tags,” (feat. Mvstermind) was the lead single and was premiered by Team Backpack. The album was given nods from from several media platforms and received a write up from HipHop DX, positioning Wolfe as a serious emerging talent.


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